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Welcome to NCAC Scouts BSA Troop 489’s website!

Scouts BSA Troop 489 is a very active scout troop comprised of an enthusiastic group of scouts and adults. We are very proud of our advancement program, where dedicated adults work with scouts at all levels of advancement to help keep them on track to meet their goals.

Our troop offers:

  • A strong advancement program
  • At least one outdoor activity each month
  • Summer camp
  • A high adventure summer activity for older scouts

View our current activities at Troop 489 Calendar 

Make a donation on our online store or at our Friends of Troop 489 site or mail to: 

Friends of Troop 489, PO Box 1161, 22505 Gateway Center Dive, Clarksburg MD  20871

Troop 489's History:

Troop 489 was founded in November 1953.  The troop has been meeting at Neelsville Presbyterian Church the whole time.  At the time the troop was founded only the old white church building existed, so the troop probably met there.  Interestingly, 1953 was also the year that indoor plumbing was added to the old church building and the outhouses were taken out.  The building where we now meet was built in 1965 and the troop most likely started meeting there right away.

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